Terms & Conditions

Private Charter Itinerary Bookings

The term ‘Private Charter Itinerary’ is used to describe a group bus tour organised by an individual or ‘Host’ on behalf of a group with ‘Pink Bus’.

The term ‘Host’ shall be taken to mean and include an individual organising a Private Charter Itinerary.

Transactions and/or communications related to a Private Charter Itinerary shall be binding only when conducted and/or concluded between Pink Bus management and the Host.

Private Charter Itinerary bookings require payment of a $200 non-refundable booking fee to secure the requested date; the booking fee amount will be deducted from the final account balance.

Private Charter Itinerary guest numbers must be confirmed no later than 7 days prior to the confirmed Charter date.

The final account balance will be calculated based on confirmed final guest numbers provided.

The minimum charge for a Private Charter Itinerary booking will be calculated based on 8 guests.

Venue bookings will only be confirmed upon receipt of the final account balance.

Cancellation Policy

Notice of cancellation of a Private Charter Itinerary booking must be provided in writing no less than 7 days prior to the confirmed date.

No refund will be given if notice of cancellation is provided less than 48 hours prior to the confirmed tour date.

No refund will be given for absence (no show), full charge applies.

General Conditions

Alcohol cannot be consumed on the tour bus; it is a breach of Western Australian Liquor Licensing Laws to consume alcohol on the tour bus. Heavy fines may be imposed on each individual found on board with an open container in addition to a fine issued to the driver. Tour buses are boarded frequently in the Swan Valley by authorities and inspected for unlicensed drinking.

Once the bus is in transit guests must remain seated and refrain from moving around the bus.

Anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated on board the tour bus or at the venues; and at the discretion of the driver the charter may be terminated.

Please be mindful that all of the venues your group will be visiting are public areas and families and children are likely to be present.

Venues have requested that props and toys that are ‘adult’ in nature or may be considered offensive not be brought onto their premises.

Strippers are not permitted at any venues, including carpark areas. Do not arrange for a stripper to perform at any time on your tour.

Licensed venues have the right, and are obligated under Western Australian Liquor Licensing Laws, to refuse service and remove persons showing signs of intoxication from their premises.

Photos taken by Pink Bus representatives or provided to Pink Bus of your Private Charter may be used for promotional purposes.