The Abbey at Chester's

Steeped in a rich heritage, The Abbey at Chester’s stands as tribute to its original owner Sydney Chester who built the premises in 1890. The Abbey at Chester’s aims to create an exceptional experience highlighting great food and drink in a relaxed environment with professional and friendly service.

The Abbey at Chester’s stocks a large selection of imported Belgian beer and is the home of Heafod Glen wines.

Full Day Tour Options at The Abbey at Chester’s

The Abbey at Chester’s can be selected as lunch stop on our Full Day Wine Tour. Sample the fantastic range of award-winning Heafod Glen wines and then move over to The Abbey at Chester's for their fantastic “Pizza and Platters” lunch.

Wine Tasting

Sample the fantastic range of award-winning Heafod Glen wines.

Lunch Options

“Pizza and Platters” lunch accompanied by a glass of wine or beer.

  • Greek Salad
  • Mediterranean Platters
  • Potato Wedges
  • Wood fired pizza (one pizza shared between three), choose from:
    • The Abbey (Supreme) - Red onion, capsicum, mushroom, olives, ham, cheese, chorizo, pepperoni.
    • Chicken & Camembert - Chicken, bacon, red onion, cherry tomatoes, spinach, camembert, cheese and creamy hollandaise sauce.
    • Mannie's Meat (Meat Lovers) - Red onion, ham, cheese, chorizo, pepperoni.
    • Fireball - Chilli flakes, red onion, jalapeno, chorizo, pepperoni, cheese, cayenne pepper.
    • Jeanneke's Vege (Vegetarian) - Olives, mushroom, red onion, capsicum, fresh tomato and cheese.
    • Ham & Pineapple - Cheese, ham and pineapple.
    • Margarita - Tomato Sauce Base with Basil, Sliced Roma Tomato & Bocconcini Cheese.