Swan Valley Gin Co

The Swan Valley Gin Company is a small batch distillery in the Swan Valley that shares the property with Pandemonium Estate.

Their award winning gins are distilled by using the estate's premium wine base and the finest fruit and botanicals sourced both locally and internationally.

Production of their Diablo Gin starts in the vineyard with their amazing fruit, picked at peak sugar concentration and then pressed, fermented and stored. White wine is then distilled to extract the ethanol and remove any less desirable components such as methanol. Their large 200 litre hand crafted copper still made in Western Australia is used to distill the wine.

Head Distiller Martin selects only the best “cuts” from the distillation to soak with the botanicals for 24-48 hours.

Tour Options at Swan Valley Gin Company

Swan Valley Gin Co. can be selected as a tasting stop on either our Half Day or Full Day Wine Tour.

Swan Valley Gin Co. is one of the included stops on our Pink Gin Distillery Tour.

Gin Tasting

Tastings at Swan Valley Gin Co. include their three flagship gins and one small batch Distiller's choice.

  • Diablo Artisan Dry Gin
  • Diablo Artisan Strawberry Gin
  • Spiced Cumquat Gin