Old Young's Distillery

Old Young's is an award winning distillery producing Gins and Vodkas the likes of which you have never even imagined.
With fantastic products and a very entertaining tasting session at Old Young's it's very rare that people leave without at least one of their incredible Gins or Vodkas in hand.

Tour Options at Old Young's Distillery

Old Young's can be selected as a tasting stop on either our Half Day or Full Day wine tours.

Old Young's Distillery is one of the included stops on our Pink Gin Distillery Tour.

Gin & Vodka Tasting

Tastings at Old Young's Distillery run for about 40 minutes and you'll get to try a range of products; usually four vodkas and two gins. Each spirit is paired with a selected mixer so you get to try each product both neat and mixed!

  • Pure No 1 Vodka
  • Smoked Vodka
  • Pavlova Vodka
  • Cold-Drip Coffee Vodka
  • 1829 Gin
  • Six Seasons Gin
  • Common Gin